Bypassing Tmobiles Tethering Filter Policy

So when you tether your phone and try to view a webpage you will get redirected to a page trying to upsell an add-on that costs 15 dollars a month. This is absolute bullshit because we already pay for our data usage and bandwidth not Tmobile still insists on throttling us.Good thing Tmobile sucks at security and this is the most half assed attempt Ive seen when it comes to trying to block people.

Bypassing Tmobile's Greedy Tethering Filtering Policy

Their filtering is based on HTTP user-agents. If your user-agent matches a known user-agent that is not android it will reject the traffic. Now there are two problems with this,

A.) If an unknown userAgent is passed or No user agent, your traffic is accepted. B.) There are a bazillion TCP protocols that do not have user-agents.

So off the bat with no user-agent spoofing, all protocols work except HTTP, including HTTPS, HTTPS works out of box because of its encryption.


Tunnel your traffic using SSH, VPN or SOCKS Spoof your user-agent for all HTTP traffic Remove a user-agent from any script or program you have that you need to use.

Browser AddOns:

Just set your user Agent to Andorid XOOM for example and your golden :D

  • A personal note about Tmobile: *

Tmobile lately has sickened me with their shady attempts at tricking the unknowing customer into paying more money per month, for services they already pay for, it started with them deceptively trying to charge full price for phones even with brand new 2 year contracts. Now they have resorted to this. I pay 70 dollars a month for unlimited text/talk/web and my bandwidth is capped at 5 GB. I have not gone over this in some time and I stream music every day, not to mention I tether my computer so I can get work done remotely. If I use a certain ammount of data in a certain ammmount of time TMobile feels its okay to throttle that 5 GB of 4G I pay for down to 2G, now they think they can charge extra per month just to have the ability to plug my computer into that same connection? It does not limit their servers, it does not impact their performance. Its the EXACT same thing as me browsing on my phone, just with a bigger screen. It sickens me to see Tmobile stepping down to this level as they used to be such a great company.

I hope Tmobile abandons these ludacris practices and goes back to the old Tmobile we all know and love.