Running ArchLinux On A Galaxy Nexus

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  1. BusyBox
  2. Rooted Galaxy Nexus
  3. ADB


Arch ARM Setup:

adb shell
cd /data/local 
mkdir archlinux 
cd archlinux 
tar xvf ArchLinuxARM-omap-smp-latest.tar.gz 
rm ArchLinuxARM-omap-smp-latest.tar.gz 
mount -o bind /dev dev 
mount -t proc proc proc 
mount -t sysfs sysfs sys 
ln -s /proc/self/fd dev/fd 
echo "nameserver" > /data/local/archlinux/etc/resolv.conf

Enter ArchLinux chroot and setup enviroment:

chroot . /bin/bash
source /etc/profile
cp /etc/skel/.bash* /data/
echo "source /etc/profile" >> /data/.bashrc
echo "export HOME=/root/" >> /data/.bashrc

Android Terminal Setup:

Open Android Terminal Emulator, select Prefrences, and add the following to Initial Command

su & cd /data/local/archlinux;su -c "chroot . /bin/bash"

And there you have it, when you close and reopen Android Terminal Emulator you will be inside your Arch Linux chroot, Run pacman -Syu to upgrade your packages.

[COMING SOON] I have precompiled APK's that will run this initial command available for download and the source code is up on my github. I did this so you can have both an ArchLinux Terminal as well as a basic Android Terminal.

Using the method I detail here, you can create custom terminal launchers for your favorite linux applications.[/COMMINGSOON]